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Site Name:Elysium
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Site URL:http://www.elysiumrsps.org/
Date Signed Up:2015-11-01
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Description:Elysium has it's history throughout the past few years and they all have been rough. This year, I feel like we can do it, and keep it. This server is 474 with a mixture of old school content, nothing special right? Wrong. This server has made some memories on tons of our past players and rivals, and continues to do so. It may not have a programmer who has a degree and 10 years of experience under their belt, it most certainly is not the best server out there. This is a project, for fun, not a business like most servers are now a days as people see them as quick cash. I enjoy doing this. I do it for fun. I love meeting new people, that's honestly the best part. I hope you give Elysium a chance.

Features / Information:

Economy, but leaning towards PvP after its early release stage
All skills are trainable; functional.
Old School maps, NPCs, Items
Webside highscores
Newer bank interface w/ search, price check, bank pin
Iron Man
Combat Triangle is decently balanced and the system is great
Teleporting has been rewritten and more realistic to RS; Teletabs work as well
Friendly staff; community
Not treated as a business
Not pay to win. Every item (minus cosmetics) are obtainable.
Bounty hunter w/ Killstreaks, relics, teleport, etc
Automated online store, vote for reward


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