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Description:Welcome to Frost Blades II, we are (as far as we know) the first RSPS with any sort of diversity in revision (not including loading revisions on the same cache) and this is our project thread.

The Aim
Give players an enjoyable experience in the RSPS World, wether they like Oldschool, a bit in the middle or the EOC. We have worlds which diverse in revision, and we have 5 worlds in total.

World 1 : 718
World 2 : 718 PVP
World 3 : 317
World 4 : 317 PVP
World 5 : 751 EoC

Information about the server
You must register to play.
All the worlds are handled by one login server.
The login server handles logins (obviously!), therefore you only need 1 account for all the worlds.
Your character can\'t be logged into any 2 worlds at the same time.
You can only login to any one world at one time per computer (So you can have 2 seperate accounts logged into 2 seperate worlds, but not 2 seperate accounts into one world).
The login server handles private messaging and friends chat, so if you have a friend who plays the old school server, you can message them from a new school server.
Your character levels and items are different from worlds 1-2-5 to worlds 3-4.
This is because of the highscores, it\'s easier to earn experience on the newer worlds because of activities such as RuneSpan, so the competition for the top spot wouldn\'t be fair.
When you log into the EOC world you will have your items from Worlds 1 and 2 (742).
World 2 consists of a PVP sever; you will earn your items in the normal world and pk here.
World 2 is entirely pvp apart from lumbridge courtyard.


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