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Download: http://forum.shapescape718.com/files/file/1-shapescape/?do=download&csrfKey=a7ee1daff1b8ead212487cb056ba7537
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We currently need staff.
Welcome to Shapescape, a 718 RSPS. I originally made this server as some fun; a way to pass the time. We strive to give our players the best RSPS experience by providing unique content. Some things we offer are:
Kalphite King boss
Vorago Boss
All Tier 90 weapons
Unique reworked skilling
Reworked PVP - perfect switches
Reworked Economy
1. Pking Supplies are more expensive, such as sharks, potions and special weapons to heighten the reward from killing someone
2. Skilling supplies are more expensive, such as raw fish, logs, gems, ores and more in order to make skilling more profitable. This encourages people to skill in order to provide the economy with raw supplies.

First opening of this server, >1 month of coding gone into this. We look Forward to seeing you


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