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Description:There\'s so much unique content in TizenX that I could talk about for hours, but I\'ll save you some time, and hopefully if you join, let you find out for yourself :)

First let me talk about our wilderness. We don\'t just want edgeville to be active, we wanted the whole wilderness swarming with activity, so here\'s what we did:

Bounty Hunter - With balanced rewards and an incentive for casual PKing.

Rogue\'s Chests - High-level chests for skillers to thieve makes for a great hotspot for skilling, PKing, death, and more death.

Wilderness Resources - We\'ve added in trees, rocks, bushes and fishing spots that harvest resources only found in the wilderness, to give that extra incentive for skillers to venture out, and for you to hunt them down!

Wilderness Bossing & Slayer - We\'ve added in a few bosses to the wilderness which drop valuable gear and items only found in the wilderness, to give the PvMers of TizenX an incentive to venture out. You can also do your Slayer task in the wilderness, gaining twice the amount of rewards you usually would; giving a big incentive for the Slayers to venture out into the wilderness.

Ancient Throne - This is a nice little feature where players can fight over the Ancient Throne in order to show dominance across the whole server and set taxes on raw skilling resource harvesting.

So you have to ask yourself... Are you a skiller? PvMer? Or are you a hunter? The wilderness provides a huge incentive triangle for all aspects of how you want to play!

If those few features I\'ve listed haven\'t got your taste buds tingling with excitement already, let\'s move on to the PvM side of TizenX.

Bossing - We haven\'t just spawned a few bosses and said here you go, now go kill it. We\'ve actually given meaning and incentives to go bossing inside TizenX.

CoinShare - Bossing with your friends is fun, right? That\'s why we\'ve given you a nifty little feature called CoinShare, where any valuable drop you get while in a friends chat, will sell for the highest price on the market and be split into the friends chat. This can be toggled on/off by the clan owner.

Slayer - We have an extensive Slayer system, not only providing monsters for you to Slay, but also giving you incentive to get those high slayer levels so you can camp abyssal demons for lite weapons, etc. We also have a fully loaded Slayer reward shop, where you can buy rewards, cosmetic items, extend your slayer task, block your slayer task, learn how to craft your very own Slayer helmet... The list goes on and on!

Let\'s move on to skilling. We have a very large unique skilling area which comes with shops, raw resource harvesting points (trees, rocks, fishing spots). We wanted skillers to be able to chat and chill while they grind, so we\'ve bundled everything together in one area. No need for everyone to be scattered around the map doing different things, that\'s boring!



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