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Site Name:Exiled-Pk
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Site URL:http://exiled-pk.weebly.com/webclient.html
Date Signed Up:2015-04-29
Language:English SiteEnglish
Description:+ Welcome to Exiled-Pk 317 loading 525-Pk/Eco! +

We are a brand new server that is in search for you.

Remember to bring your friends and relatives! Even the newby across the street! :-) Our staff and players are friendly like always and we love to have fun and play together!
But just like any other server, we need your help to grow and make this place even better!

Exile-Pk is now 24/7 online with a VPS hooked up and ready to play, But as always there is always room
for updates. Come and play for youself!

Click here to join


*We Have a Webclient and a Downloadable Client!

*Great Combat Styles

*24/7 Online with a VPS


*Perfect Switchs

*Curse Prayers




*Nice Donator Benefits


*All Skills in Function And alot more to experience

Website: www.exiled-pk.tk

Webclient: www.exiled-pk.weebly.com/webclient.html

Hope to see you on! Smile


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