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Byzantium is a new RSPS that strives to merge 2007 content with custom content seamlessly. We have all F2P quests, some members quests, and all 2007 skills working perfectly. Come join before we get popular and reserve your slot on the high scores.

Media Flawless 667 Items Custom dungeon Bug Credit Tips Custom Fareed Boss Warrior\'s Guild Custom Weird Boss Partial Quest List High Scores Some hax Gambling Bug Credits

Based off of /v/scape, credits to Pickles and Bobster (based on 2006scape)
Bug Credits system rewards you for bug abusing fairly

Dupes are patched, to keep the game fair
Two custom dungeons, each with its own custom boss
Full 2007 remake content, with many quests including Monkey Madness, Dragon Slayer, Waterfall Quest, and Lost City
Full pest control working as it does in Runescape
Full warriors guild with animated armor and cyclops
All skills working exactly as they do in RS (including farming, runecrafting pouches, coal trucks, etc.)
Rare drop announcements
Colored text in ::yell
Full treasure trails
Clan Chat
Custom boss drops bandos equipment
Active staff, frequent updates
Fight Caves (all waves)
Shops at lumbridge for easy access
Loot Highlighting (Rare items show different color text)
Friendly staff & community
Botting is allowed, as long as you\'re at the keyboard
Client hacking is encouraged


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