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Site Name:Project Pk 317
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Date Signed Up:2015-04-18
Banner:Project Pk 317
Language:English SiteEnglish
Description:Instant Pking | Great Economy | Need Staff | Growing Fast | Easy Monkey Making | Lots of PVM | Great Rare Drops!

Client :

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To Open the Client Use \"Backup Run\"

Client Is Auto Cache Download

Looking for a Client Developer to join the Project Pk team! Inquire on the forums or in-game!

Server is VPS Hosted! Garunteed 99.9% Uptime!
Fully working Chaotic Weps!
All new Custom Items!
::Master + ::Setlevel
Instant Pking!
Great Exp Rates!
Balanced economy.
Flawless Pking With Perfect Switching.
All New Pk Locations!
Custom Minigames!
New Training Area for all levels!
Working special attacks for all weapons
God Wars! Bandos Boss + Armadyl
Clue Scrolls with Casket Drops
Every godsword with working special
Working d claws with special!
Working player and NPC defence bonuses
Barrows Minigame
Working Obby Neck + Dh Effect!
Working Void armor
Custom Pickpocketing Thieving For Cash!
Full dagganoth kings
Mithril Dragon Boss With Awesome Drops!
KBD and all other dragons with working fire breathe
Working anti-dragon shields
Working prayer
Working chaos elemental with drops!
Working rune crossbows + D bolts (e)
Reset your stats + Exp Lock!
Dark bow! Working Ring of wealth!
Fire capes always protect on death, even if you are skulled without protect item
Protect item works
All 1 vs 1 areas 100% working
Lunar spellbook
Activity Points
Donator Zone + Shop + ::Dice and Special Donator Commands + Gear! Including Cape!
Working Corp Beast!
Spirit Shields With divine + elysian effect!


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