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Date Signed Up:2015-04-16
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Description:Rise 718 is an Economy Based Server.

Here at RISE our main focus is the players because of the fact that we always are looking for vouchers who can speak their mind about the server and have constructive criticism about our server, because a server runs on the basis of the development team along side the communication with the players! We at RISE believe this is mandatory to be a success along side the ideas the development team have. All server\'s are unique in their way, however they are never perfect, hence we chose the motto \"Where Dreams Become Reality\". We also strive to bring professionalism with an insane amount of fun, so that you can relax in the arms of our professional staff and development team, whilst having a great experience. You can find all your needs satisfied, whether it be PvPing, PvMing, or Skilling. We may not have the best of the best out there, but we sure do hope to compete with other servers in the future, in a friendly manner.


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