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Date Signed Up:2015-03-10
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Description:● Cross-race substack (aka mutant substack) 1+1. All skills of two classes stack
(but bonus from two same armor masteries is not cumulating). No restrictions in
class combinations. Requirements: complete simple tasks of Sub-NPCs and bring
them 3 lunargents and substack item from one of 4 Bosses [Metatron, Belial, Leviathan
and Golkonda]. After adding substack you will be deleveled to lv 20.

● Changed Noblesse Quest. Now you need to bring Longhorn [two ways to get it: Slaying
Longhorn Golkonda or buying Horn for Obsidian Scarabs (items from RBs)]

● Class Manager - 1st and 2nd class change for adena, 3rd class change for halisha marks.

● Olympiad Period is 2 weeks. Changed olympiad point system (+1/-1 for any win/loss).
Changed NGP rewarding system.

● Increased Siege time to 3h. Additionaly one fully customized Fortress[Castle Black] is siegeable every 1h.

● Laboratory (Craftable: Combat Haste Potion, Enhanced Mana Potion, Holy Potion, Wish Potion

● Wish Potion - Gambling system (create wish potions from lunargents at Laboratory,
and get a chance to win rare things).

● Tattoos upgrading system (ordinary, empowered and superior tattoos).

● Off-hand daggers.

● Forbidden skills system. Granting you 3 additional skills on main class.
Requirements: 80lvl and items obtainable from Raids and Castle.

● Most of Raids 70+ droping Obsidian Scarabs required to buy various items and
increase clan level/obtain CRP at the Clan Manager.

● Items up to B-grade in standard shop. A-grade items in exchange for items obtainable
from Bosses. S-grade items only craftable.

● Maximum enchant +12, safe +4. Normal scroll enchant rate : 30%, Blessed scroll enchant
rate : 40% and returning to +4 if enchant fails, Crystal scroll enchant rate: 80%.

● Custom Raid Boss in every Castle and Special CHs. Also Basic NPC buffer and Entrance to
Shilen\'s dungeon in every Castle - usable only for owners.

● Customized location and boosted stats of Anakim/Lilith - droping Interlude weapons and
Customized Apella sets (S-grade) [Apella sets available also in exchange for lunargents]

● Appearance stones.

● Auto-learn skills.

● Free Offline shops.

● There is no Global NPC-Buffer.

● There is no Global GK.


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