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Site Name:-- Defcon 718/742 -- Unique Content -- (NEW)
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Site URL:http://defconrsps.com/
Date Signed Up:2015-02-27
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Description:Hello and Welcome to Defcon RSPS

Forums: http://defconrsps.net/
All information for downloading our client will be on the forums! be sure to check us out!

We are a unique server that have active staff members who constantly listen to the communities opinions and continue to do updates as often as possible.

We have good amount of players who are with us on Defcon and each time a new player joins they dont regret coming here as we have made is as fun as possible. we constantly listen to YOU and have had an uptime of around 1 month, we need you to to come join our community and enjoy Defcon, hassle free environment but enjoyable with a friendly community and staff willing to help each and everyone of you.

There is so much to do when you come to this server including:

New custom quests every month
Working clue scrolls with rewards when completed
All skills functional so all you skillers can get maxing! ;)
A lot of different bosses including GWD bosses as well as a new boss Lucien being released very very soon!
We also have a custom minigame for those of you who enjoy the clan pking :)
We also have a Safe PVP and a non safe PVP for all of you who like to get out there and PK this includes rewards for so many kills
Dungeoneering is fully functional as well as all the chaotics with the right stats
Custom shops with all your favorite gear in them
We have a unique home one of which you will have never seen as a home in any other RSPS as we aim to be unique

There is just so much to say about this server, but instead of filling your mind, why not come check this great server out yourself!

You will not regret joining.


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