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Date Signed Up:2015-02-18
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Description:Looking for a unique content server that you can create a lasting footprint on? Look no further because I present SavagePK. Jump right into a worthy server looking for loyal players to start off with.

Enjoy bosses such as the God of War, and Blink.

Explore the major city dungeons such as Taverly and Brimhaven. Including the fully coded God Wars Dungeon.

Play multi-player minigames that have been worked on to perfection such as castle wars, pest control, and clan wars.

As well as the traditional single-player minigames such as the vicious fight caves, and Dominion Tower.

We have all the regular content you always see! Although, that may be true we also have exotic, never before seen, real content as well! For example the awesome Hunger Games minigame, Dungeoneering zombie system, Gladiator matches, the ability to enable global PVP, and so much more that I would spend my entire day writing things down! So give us a shot, we won\'t let you down!


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