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Hello, and welcome to the official Salvation advertisement thread, here at Salvation we strive to achieve a perfect economy and an amazing game, which is fun for the players. We are a community driven server, as we believe that the players are important. We try to achieve the perfect economy by giving skilling and PVM values, and not leaving every item in just shops. Although we are mainly a skilling / PVM server, we try to ensure that our pking is perfect, to cater to all types of players, ensuring the most fun, we also have lots of wilderness content, this means that the wilderness is a more active, and a much more interesting place to be, some of our wilderness content includes ; Karambwan fishing, rocktail fishing, a wilderness resource area, wilderness bosses, and much much more! Feel free to hop on and join today! Do not miss out!

[size= SIZE=4]Some of our most unique content includes ; [/size]

Fullscreen and resizeable
Wilderness resource area
Iron man mode
Hardcore iron man mode
Wilderness bosses
Perfect economy
Social slayer
Boss pets
Bank pins
Five different gamemodes
And much, much more!

Latest update:
Today, we added all of the demi-bosses from runescape2007, each will drop their respective piece of the two new shields (Odium and malediction ward), the bosses shouldn\'t be too challenging, but have a fairly high drop rate, and there is a strategy to each boss, we have tried to emulate them perfectly, and believe we have succeeded, but we couldn\'t give the demi-bosses the correct models, we tried to find very close models though! Enough talking, here\'s some pictures of the demi-bosses.




Bank pins :

100% Chaos ele :

100% Horror from the deep :

Farming :

Pre-sets :

Iron man / Hardcore Iron man! (Hardcore is permanent death)

Wilderness resource area (If you logout, you get forced out, you can fish rocktails and kawambwans here.

Client (All buttons work.)

Game modes :

Pets / rs07 items (3A Weapons can be obtained from crystal chest, 1/1k chance)



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