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Date Signed Up:2015-01-30
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Description:Hello, Im Here today to tell you all a little bit about our server XScapeFate. We are a brand new server with a heavy emphasis on on the importance of Community and listening to the people that make our existence possible. At the moment our small community is just beginning to surface and i am here to gain some support for it. we released the forums only few days ago (jan 26th) and plan to release the server on the 6th of February. We would greatly appreciate it if you would join our forums and help us on a journey to build a thriving community.

We have a friendly and active Owner/Developer Who does Many updates and posts development logs often. He is willing and eager to listen to any and all suggestions and is truly Dedicated to this project. Thank you For considering us as your next home, we hope to see you soon.

(will add some pictures when server is released)

The server is a 317 loading 600+ with lots of features and Custom home/skilling area.

Features include:
updated graphics &animations
Multiple game frames in client (for those that prefer different ones)
All skills including working Construction
Fun Pk
Lots of bosses
Custom Home
Player owned shops
And much, much more..

More Details on our website at: xscapefate.com


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