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Site Name:L2WarZone
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Site URL:http://l2wz.com
Date Signed Up:2015-01-30
Language:German SiteGerman
Description:Welcome to L2WarZone
Custom PvP Final Gracia Server.

XP Rate: x9300.0
Party XP: x16275.0
SP Rate: x3000.0
Party SP Rate: x3000.0
Adena Rate: x5500.0
Drop Rate: 1.0
Spoil Rate: 1.0

Enchant rates:
Enchant +3/4 safe, +20 max.
Read system message when enchanting for rates.
SS and BSPS are applied automatically.

Quick Overview:
Starting 80 Level
Starting with S-Grade Items
Max level is level 95. Experience slows down after level 85.
When you kill someone you gain fame, exp, random item and skill enchant chance, and chance to get a PvP token. When you die, you lose fame. All of this is also affected by gear difference.
Buffs do not exit on death regardless of your Noblesse status.
You will get Noblesse status automatically when you kill Barakiel, Noblesse enables you to obtain the Noblesse Tiara and participate in the Olympiad.
You can also buy Caradine\'s Letter in the Misc section of the mysterious merchant for 20 Festival Adena (20 Billion Adena).
At starting out, to get basic S grade items with Adena, look in the Wondrous Cubic.
Mysterious Merchant is the advanced items seller.
If a buff or toggle skill that you cannot use it means it has been made passive.
Default # of buffs (including dances and songs) = look on buffer.
Shift + click on monsters to see what they drop and their stats.
Sit down for greatly increased CP/HP/MP regeneration.
Orc Village is a PvP town that\'s limited to S80 equipment and under.
Gludin village is free for all.

L2WarZone have:
Custom Items with Custom Stats
Custom Npc\'s,Drop\'s,Stats
Npc\'s in all Town\'s
Vote System
Event Nexus Engine
Mini Event


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