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Date Signed Up:2015-01-27
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Description:Hi All! Im\'m Zacco and Im\'m here to introduce to you the \"Wotlk Experience\" Project:

I can bet that the most of you have tried other Wotlk servers,
I\'ve done the same. and I think you all agree with me:
is my opinion that EVERY server gives you the game, but not the EXPERIENCE of the expansion.
\"Wotlk Experience\" IS NOT the common Wotlk private Server With full unlocked istances and etc.
This project will let you enjoy Wotlk like It\'s been just released,in due course you will have the pleasure of playing
all the Expansion, with the only difference that you will have THE EXPERIENCE OF HAVE PLAYED WRATH OF THE
LICH KING. The whole core is managed by a computer engenneer paid appositely.

Rates: Exp x2 Drop x2 Rep x2 Honor x2


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