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Site Name:Starcaller Wrath of The Lich King 3.3.5
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Date Signed Up:2015-01-22
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Description:Welcome to Starcaller World of Warcraft

A blizz-like 3.3.5a
Normal PvE Realm Starcaller
Custom Leveling Solution
Choose your own rate all on the same realm.
Use command .rate xp

We have:


A small, but growing community of local users hoping to expand into the international community
A powerful forum system
Fair and honest Game Masters


A dedicated realm running on multiple high end HP Rackmount Servers with ILO so we can
manage the server remotely even from a cellular phone!
These powerhorses are connected to each other via 10 Gbps short distance Ethernet links ensuring very low hardware latency.
100 Mbps WAN connection located in the West Coast of the United States.

Game Server:

Scripted dungeons and instances with working dungeon finder
Working battlegrounds
Experimental battlegrounds including Wintergrasp are open
Working quests and a powerful tool for recording bugs and other non-working issues
You choose your own leveling rate via an in-game command.

Web Server:

A powerful web core founded on FusionCMS and PHPBB heavily modified to add the most features possible
A vote/item shop for purchasing in-game rewards - currently heirlooms
A very blizz-like forum

Come join us today!


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