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Date Signed Up:2014-12-20
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Description:PrimePK is a server risen from the ashes of a pheonix, and has entered its second life-cycle.
PrimePK has been reinvented to serve the player in all their needs, backed by countless hours of content, balanced EXP rates that make our game competitive yet fun, a friendly community, a stable economy, dedicated staff, and two experienced coders.


Flawless Combat System
Player Vs Monster with tons of Monsters
All skills working
Perfect item switching
Nex Gear and PVP Armour Degrades
Godswords and all Spirit shields work like they did in runescape 2
Overloads and Extremes - overloads working correctly as they did runescape 2
Clan wars and Castle wars working perfectly
Item Switching
Well working slayer system
Bones on Altar
Glacors and Tormented Demons
Fight caves and Kiln fully just like it was in runescape
Pest Control
100% Working Grand Exchange


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