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Site Name:MBPvP - The Legendary PvP Server - Looking for Sta
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Site URL:http://magebank.org/
Date Signed Up:2014-11-08
Banner:MBPvP - The Legendary PvP Server - Looking for Sta
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Description:MBPvP - http://magebank.org/ 
- We are currently looking for staff!
- PvP-based server
- The server used to be named HackScape and was started in 2007!
- There are ranked leaderboards for Single and Multi PvP. The ranking system we use is similar to League of Legends 
- Combat system is 100% flawless and superior to other servers
- Check out all of our sweet mini-games which include full duel arena with staking! 
- We have a perfected ClanChat system with ranking chat moderators you set in your own clanchat!
- Our boss system is amazing as well! Defeat them to get awesome items to PvP with!

24/7 Uptime Guaranteed!

Don\'t want to train combat skills?
TYPE ::setlevel ingame to set your combat levels to whatever you want!
Be a Pure, skiller, or main!

Hate doing things just to get magic runes, melee sets and stuff to PvP with? No problem! All the things in our shops are FREE! This includes: Abyssal Whips and Dragon Boots!

What are you waiting for? Come play today!


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