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Date Signed Up:2014-10-28
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Description:Welcome to Onyx-Empire. We are a growing Runescape Private Server determined towards success. We try to please our players as much as possible and we listen to what they have to say. We are an economy based and pking server. With many different routes towards success we allow our players to strive for their goals and achievements. With almost as nearly no bugs and a professionally developed client and source we leave nothing out. We have working mini games such as Duel Arena, Pest Control, Zombies, Barrows and much more. Along with all of this we allow players who purchase from our shop a greater experience and a much more expanded view of the server. With almost a nearly perfect combat system, our players enjoy the thriving thirst of victory against their opponents when within combat. Working clan chat system, pvming, drop logs, instant slayer teleports and much more to come. Join the Empire and unleash the wrath of Onyx.
Be part of the wonderful community of Onyx-Empire. Be sure to always leave your suggesetions and feedback on the forums.


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