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Date Signed Up:2014-10-16
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Description:Our server is running Lineage 2: Goddess of Destruction LINDVIOR Chapter 3 (1000Xp/1000Adena).

New Dragon Weapons , Octaivs Istina Teredor Earthwirm Balok Fortuna and more instances added
►New GOD attribute system
►Antibot Added, 100% functional
►New GeoData purchased, retail like GOD Lindvior
►Bloody/Dark armors added, with skills

►Chain Skills, All Skills working, Constant Updates, Solid economy, 100% ANTIBOT, 100% GEODATA!
New dragon weapons, lindvior dragon armors , all retail like!
New damage calculation formulas, new geodata , new antibot
Farm zones, Easy in game user interface (alt+b access), specially created hunting zones,
New Item enchantment System:
New Lindvior class system and skills, Dragon Weapons, New Farm zones ( Gainak) and more
R-grade and higher armor items have additional offensive properties
which are more effective the more highly the item is enchanted
Head-Increased P. Evasion and M. Evasion
Chest-Increased P. Atk. and M. Atk
Legs-Increased P. Critical Rate and M. Critical Rate
Hands-Increased P. Accuracy and M. Accuracy
Feet-Increased Spd
SKills fixed: giants blessing, summon death gate, maximum critical
Fortuna instance added
-New attribute system
When the attribute of attacker is lower in comparison by defense of the target
the damage now has been reduced, not ignored (previous version of this system
ignores defensive bonus, only neutralices atk bonus)
-When the attribute of attacker is 0 on all attributes, the calc of defense bonus
of the target is based on the highest attribute resist.
(ie. attacker 0 attribute bonus, defender has 300 of Wind Defense, and 150 of
all remaining attributes, the defense bonus is based on Wind Defense in this case)
Modified bonus for enchant weapon
-Added boolean for items blessed
-Reconstruct FuncEnchant. Implemented R enchant armor extra stats
-Two new different phases of overchant totally controllable.

And more more more.....


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