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Description:L2Aether is a truly custom server, it would be too difficult to describe is as a high rate or a low rate all I can offer you is the information below, and decide for yourself. One things for certain, you’ve never seen a server like ours! Server features: Automatic Updater Makes life so much easier, Instead of messing around with your hosts, all you need to do its download our updater and place it in your Lineage II folder and run it, and your on the server. Aether Staffcreates new patches constantly and actively adds them into the update server, making it much easier to distribute them to players, so it’s recommended you run your updater at least every time there’s a new change log. Wondrous Cubic The Wondrous Cubic is an all in one item that offers basic functions such as a Global Gatekeeper, GM Shop, Skill Enchantment, Augmentation, Symbol Maker, and Class Upgrades. The Cubic also provides some more advanced features like our In-Game Password Changer, and allows you to view detailed stats of your character, such as Critical Damage Multiplier, Vamp Absorb %, Healing Power, Skill Reuse, and much more. Community Board Much like other L2j servers, our community board shows who is online, but what really makes it special is that you can click on anyone’s name and it will bring you to that character’s Equipment Viewer, which displays all of the player’s equipped items, level, and class. It also keeps a Top 20 List that can be sorted by either PvP’s, PK’s, and Fame. The list is updated every 5 minutes. Mysterious Merchant & Other NPCs The Mysterious Merchant is L2Aether’s choice custom trader that holds almost all of the equipment you need other than S Grade items, which are purchased through the GM Shop in the Wondrous Cubic. You can find the Mysterious Merchant in all towns. The L2Aether Blacksmith’s main function is to craft the Bars and Ingots your need to create higher tier equipment, for a small fee of course. He can also exchange element stones for element crystals and gemstones, and trade Top-Grade lifestones for glittering medals. The Cat Prophet is L2Aether’s default NPC Buffer and can be found in every town. The PvP Merchant is where you trade the Fame and PvP Tokens you get for items and consumables, she can be found in Gludin and Giran. L2Aether has a fully automated Donation NPC, where you input your Paypal transaction ID and receive L2Aether Tokens, which can be traded for special consumables only available to donators such as name change, race change, subclass/mainclass swap, sex change, PvP increaser, +15 skill enchanter, and much more. Items & Equipment L2Aether has many custom items to offer such as custom armor, weapons, accessories and consumables. Diverse armor sets and weapons along with over 100 accessories, all having unique properties to customize your character any way you want, although some are more difficult to obtain. Dynasty and Vesper Jewelry are augmentable with normal lifestones, as are Leather Belts (normal jewelry requires Accessory Life Stones.) . The top tier weapons like Titanium and Dread offer special skills, Titanium weapons grant the active skill ‘Sudden Flash’, which gives you 4 seconds of 100% critical chance, skill critical chance, and +100 attack speed/casting speed. Dread weapons do not give you an active skill, but rather an on-crit chance debuff skill. The skills are different weapon to weapon, some of them include; Hex Absolute, Rigor Mortis, Departed Soul, Soma Ataxia, Life Void, Septic Bloodia, Morbid Soul, and Grave Anemia. Each having their own nasty effect. But of course I cannot list all of L2Aether’s custom items, come see them for yourself. Farming Zones The current farming areas are Ruins of Despair, Cemetery, and Cave of Trials. Cave of Trails is an S80 only zone, meaning only S80 equipment and below can be worn, this makes COT a friendly area for new players. Ruins of Despair is a Non-KS solo zone, meaning unless someone is in your party or clan, if you hit a mob first


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