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Description:Imagine a new world. The economic, political and social establishments of our world have been wiped clean, and all nations are on equal pegging. From the moment of their birth, all citizens have the potential and opportunity to become a national treasure, a super soldier, a corporate mogul, a leader of their people.

On vPopulus you play as a citizen of a country, you can train and work everyday. The products you see on the marketplace are produced by citizens just like you that own companies and employ other citizens. You can join an army or even a political party. Every month there are elections for Country President, Congress and Party Leader.

Every county has its own political parties, companies, taxes and currency. The best part of vPopulus is that the government of your country can declare war on any neighbour and conquer regions that hold both strategic and economic value.

Welcome to vPopulus, a world drawn afresh, and your country needs you to be the great nation it deserves to be.

Join us at www.vpopulus.net the possibilities are endless!


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