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Welcome to Realityscape! This is a brand new server with many features! We got challenging minigames, bosses, world boss, pvp and extreme xp rates (whitch are adjustable)!


Download Client .jar


We are waiting for YOU to join!

Server Features:
Cosmetic Overrides
- Some need to be unlocked by doing Zombies below
Zombies Onslaught Minigame
- Endless waves of zombies
- Max of 50 zombies on field at once
- in multi area (cat)
Custom Dungeoneering System
- Three different areas for different difficulties
- Based on dungeoneering level
Tyluurs Dungeoneering System
- Two different floors
- Includes bosses
- Lobby system and multi-player
753 items and interfaces
- Drygores, Kalphite Armour, Sheathed, and Off-Hands added
- Sheathing is not yet possible and off-hands dont work, but they\'re there
Boss Contracts, to influence more bossing (works really well)
- Contracts offer large rewards for killing the contract
- only need to kill boss once to complete contract
All Skills Working
Now has Flawless switching (a shitload faster than matrix\'s)
High/Low Alching + Enchanting
- High alch produces more profit than low
- Enchant jewelry
Automated double exp weekends
- Friday thru Sunday, every weekend.
Custom Title Handler
- Most titles have requirements that need to be met to unlock
- Once requirement is met, they\'re automatically unlocked
Added Dwarven Rock Cakes for DH rushers
- Need to add this in to a shop. Cant currently obtain them anywhere
Difficulty Selections
- Choose difficulty on login for the first time
- Can not go to a harder difficulty until you prestige
- After prestiging, can only go harder if you havent gained any exp
- Can go to an easier difficulty at any time
- Harder difficulties increase drop rates, but lower the exp rate
- Easier difficulties decrease drop rates, but higher the exp rate
Custom Prestige System
- Bounty hunter skulls to show your prestige level
- Prestige shop with Clay weapons, Battle-Mage, trickster, and more
- 6 prestige levels in total
Skilling Rewards
- Each skill action you gain 1 skill point
- Skill Point shop to get exp boosting items
PvP System
- Pk Points per kill
- Killstreaks
- Leaderboards in-game
- PkP Shop
- Server is PvM based, but PvP is great also :P
Loyalty Points
- Awarded 250 points every 30 minutes
- Custom titles for loyal members
- Auras (standard matrix feature)
Squeal of Fortune
- Correct background images, not all messed up
- Awarded 2 spins every 24 hours
- Works perfect, no known bugs except one where one item doesn\'t appear on SoF
StopForumSpam Integration
- stops players from logging in with a blacklisten IP address
- good for stopping players trying to proxy to get in after ip banned
Still has standard matrix features untouched (mostly)
- Fight Caves, 63 waves
- Fight Kiln, 32 waves?
- Full Nex
- Queen/King Black Dragon
- Kalphite Queen
- Crucible
- Much More...



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