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Date Signed Up:2014-09-01
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Description:Great server brought back after over 2 years! Custom mini-games, Amazing donor benefits, Very good Ddos protected VPS, Forums in progress.

Cave of Desperation is similar to Sanctuary but you go through Zones.
There are 5 Zones in total and each one of them has different monsters against you.
This event is solo-able, though getting all 5 Zones alone is not an easy job! In addition to all of the drops you get from the monsters you get scrolls for the CoD shop.

Sanctuary is what you would like to call a tough challenge.
It\'s a clan minigame where you have to survive through 50 waves of different monsters and even bosses!
Getting through that rewards all the participants with a box that contains a random high-valued item.

Zombie Attack is a neat minigame where you have to survive 10 waves of zombies!
This mini-game is mainly so you can stock up on sweets, which are a stackable food that everyone loves when pvming and pking.


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