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Demention offers a diverse community of Pkers to PvMers to Dicers to Skillers. We offer a plethora of things to do for players of all types.

Some things that make us stand out from the rest:
Here at Demention, we strive to satisfy players. Whether it\'s through adding content such as quests or just player satisfactory in general, we do our absolute best to meet the needs of our amazing playerbase.

Demention is a 718 server which means we offer a wide variety of weapons, monsters, armors, and bosses. All skills are 100% trainable. All bosses work as intended including Nex and the mighty Queen Black Dragon. All areas of the map work including Clan Wars and the Clan Citadel! We offer a GRAND EXCHANGE to purchase items which helps players obtain items quickly and easily accessible. We offer so much more that is listed, more than we could list! So please, give usa chance, come join Demention today!

We hope you have taken the time to read this and join our amazing community. Thanks.
~The Demention Team.


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