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✔ Pokemon Pets is a unique browser based MMO RPG game that doesn\'t require any downloads or plugins to play
✔ It closely mimics Nintendo\'s Pokémon handheld games with the added excitement of playing online alongside your friends

✔ PokemonPets has hundreds of Pokémon to battle and capture

✔ The game has 520 high quality game maps, 18 different elemental types (e.g. fire, poison, fairy), 19 different game zones (e.g. grass, fire, mixed), 200+ Pokémon abilities, 500+ Pokémon attacks with lots of battle effects (e. g. burn, paralysis, freeze, life steal), advanced game and battle mechanisms that prevents cheating, highly customizable individual pets (e.g. you can give pet name to your each Pokémon), and very fast servers

✔ Pokemon Pets is not only for Pokémon fans but also for MMORPG gamers who are looking for competitive fun time anytime, anywhere

♛ The game is 100% free, with no cheesy \"donation\" mechanic. Every player is given equal chance to become the best, like no one ever was ♛


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