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Site Name:UnholyWOW
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Site URL:http://web.unholygaming.com
Date Signed Up:2014-07-03
Language:English SiteEnglish
Description:*3 Tiers--- Holy (i just turned 80 gear!) Vile(oh this droped from a easy boss) Unholy (leet Gear)

*custom quests-- make sure you do all the quests at the leveling road they give you frost badges for gear

*custom leveling road--easy solo quests, auto res npc.

*gold farm--Need gold go to the gold farm and farm badges and gold

*Custom Instance--
Blood Furnace
Shadowfang keep
Hall of Reflection
Pit of Saron
Forage of souls

*world bosses

*Res by chat command-- type #res in guild chat and pop up

*VIP commands for donors-- summon player, buff, save to db and more

*Everyone is equal, donors are not Over Powerd-- the only thing you get for donating is vip commands, but if you like the server please donate

*buy high level gear with badges

*Custom battleGround--defend your leader! battle ground at sea


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