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Date Signed Up:2014-06-08
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Description:IndigoPS, is a non-profit 718 RSPS, founded by 3 strongly dedicated owners. We strive to push out daily updates and constant progression.

A lot of time ensuring this is stabilized, quality-packed, & efficiently developed with access to see Behind the Scenes Development, for those of you who\'re interested. We currently have a small, but loyal community, who thrive to help other players get started on their journey in Nibiru.

New Server with strong eco being build.
*Resource Dungeons
*Poly-pore Dungeon
*Living Rock Caverns
*New Armor & Weapon Tiers
*Squeal of Fortune (Spins everyday)
*Perfected EXP and Drop rates

Improved RSPS Experience
*New Ironman & Hardcore Ironman Game Modes
*Player Interaction Options: View Stats/Challenge
*Full Banks with Search, Tabs, Inserting and Swapping!
*Heavily Modified Client

*Graphics and Gameframe Customization
*Music + Sound Effects + Ambient Sounds
*User Made Guilds + Fully Working Clan Chat

We have features you WONT find anywhere else!
*Fully working ALL skills including Construction and Summoning
*Rewritten Interactive Pet System + Boss Pets
*Customizable Comp capes with particles
*Loot Beams
*Item weights
*XP Well
*Tons of places to train!
*100+ Emotes
*Player Notes Support
*Optimized Support system with Tickets!

Lot of Minigames such as:
*Clan Wars, Castle Wars, Fist of Guthix, Hunger Games, Rise Of The Six, Dominion Tower, Fight Caves + more!

TON of Bosses such as:
*Nex, Vorago, Queen Black Dragon, King Black Dragon, Lagor the Thunderous, Blink, Darious, Sunfreet, Avatar Of Destruction + more!

BUG FREE Content + Extreme Stability
*Different Slayer Masters based off level
*Perfected Duo Slayer
*Random Events
*Evil Tree Spawns (shooting stars alike)
*Shooting Stars
*Correct Clue Scrolls
* Effigies


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