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Site Name:Dynamic742
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Site URL:http://dynamic742.weebly.com/
Date Signed Up:2014-06-06
Language:English SiteEnglish
Description:Rare & custom Armor/Weapons!(Drygores, Dark Dagger, Sovereign, kalphite armour, Assasins, Torva, pernix, Deathstroke, DemonFlesh, K\'ril God Crusher, Tokhaar Warlord, AND MUCH MORE!
Custom Boss\' Such As Farmer, trio, blink, spartans, Necro, Working Nomad, QBD, KBD, All GodWars Boss\', Nex, Tormented Demons & So much more! + Boss\' For each donor type!
Donator Privleges - Reg Donor ;;yell, ;;Bank, Donor boss, Flask shop, custom title, donor zone, Regular Donor Boss, and a boosted xp rate
Donor Privleges Extreme Donator, ;;yell, ;;Bank, Custom titles with Colors of choice, ExtremeZone Upraged Stalls, And ExtremeDonorShop & Extreme Boss, and a boosted xp rate (more than regular donor)
Donor Privleges Supreme Donor, ;;yell, ;;B (Bank On Spot) Custom titles With shades, Supremezone, Opens SupremeDonor Shop, Supreme Boss! Beta Test Content! and a boosted xp rate (more than extreme donor)
Updates & Bug fixes EVERY DAY! 100% active Staff and Coders! + Dedicated staff team and developers that provide great player support.
X40 XP rates, Working Xp counter, Fair Drop Rates. Max cape, Complitionist cape, Trimmed Comp, Vet Cape
Active player base, Great community, Dice ranks, gamlbing, Perfect Pvp, Perfect Switching, DiceBag, Friendly Staff & Friendly players
All skills, Pouches, Prayers, Pots Working Including Money pouch!
100% working Minigames, Troll Invasion, Barrows, Working GodWars Dungeon, PolyPore Dungeon, Slayer Tasks!
Hardcore Eco Server Economy is intact, And There is No G.E!
New Mercenary Pouches, And custom Boss Pouches you can summon & Use!
And A ton More Come check us out!


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