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Date Signed Up:2014-06-05
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Description:Two old friends re-unite to form the most epic server known! Both owners are Java capable, and do all the work themselves.

We feature 100% up time, with new content added every day. Recent updates include:

Completionist cape tiers
Skill point system
All slayer equipment working
Slayer helmet and ring of slaying creation
Perfect PvP formulas
Perfect prayer
Flowers 100% working
Custom boss that drops epic loot!
Custom items that are unique!
And loads more!
Upcoming updates include:

Custom glacor battle
Custom fight kiln
Castle Wars
Stealing Creation
Revenant caves
Hide n\' Seek bot
Max cape
And loads more!

Our forums are vBulletin licensed and are always active with new threads, guides and useful information. We are DDoS protected to the maximum possible, which ensures we will be up 100%.

Join now, or you\'ll be missing out!

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