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Date Signed Up:2014-06-01
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| -Cap 100
| -EXP/SP 40x
| -PT Exp 60x
| -Gold/Drop 10x
| -Tradegoods 70x
| -Alchemy 1x
| -IP Limit: 3 ||

Free Silk (Silk Coins)
- you can use these Silks to buy Items
from the Custom Npc. Like Dresses, Prem,
and much more items
-And we added, only for Silk Coins,
Special Speed Drugs with 150% Speed Increase

Vote for Silk
- you can Vote every 12 Hours for Silks

Including Job Temple
- With Custom Uniques
- Custom Quests
- Custom Mobs

Friendly and Active Staff
-24/7 Live Support Ingame
-Daily Events(Unique Event,
Lucky Crit and much more)

Balanced the pvp between Euro & China Race
- Increased the Light Magical Damage,
and the Fire Physical Damage (Passive)
- Added a Passive Skill (Increase Defense Buff)
for China Chars
- Added Pain Quota for the Chinese Race

Custom Lvl 100 Uniques
- Added on Mt.Roc (STR Salamander, STR Undine, Sylph, Gnome)
- Added on Mahamura Beach (STR Cyclops)
- Added in the Job Temple
(Custom Lvl 100 Yuno, Lvl 100 Fire Cerberus, Lvl 100 Babilion
Balanced their Health, Defense and Damage for the 100 Cap)
-Added New Custom Uniques (Elite Thief & Elite Hunter) they Dropping
Silk Coins, Gold and Silver Coins Spawn in Every Room in the Job Temple
-Custom [GM]Midnight Unique Lvl 100 Spawn in the Event Arena
and Dropp Gold and Silver Coins

Coin System
- We added Sun Gear for Gold and Silver Coins in the
Jobbing Npc (Thief Union Exchanger & Hunter Union Exchanger)
in Alexandria North & South (Both near Guild Store near North & West)
you can get those Coins from \"Elite Thief & Elite Hunter\"
or a Unique called [GM]Midnight
- We added Sun +7 Accessorys for Iron Coins in the Grocery Shop in Hotan
you can get these Coins for Contribution (Jobbing) or Buying for Gold
in the same Npc
New \"Unique Hunter \" Map
- We made a Own map with our Custom

Unique Spawns
and the Normal Spawns from Uniques.

More Infos about the Server you can find on our Homepage


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