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Site URL:http://www.server-craft.eu
Date Signed Up:2014-05-24
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Description:Server-Craft was up since 23-05-2014

Server -Craft is a free european project that aims to be serious, long-lasting and remain free , to create a comunity game where you can have fun .

This is a retail project with small mods, made to help the player to enjoy the game without itâ??s become a job.
The server lives with donations of the players that we hope will appreciate our work and help us bring forward funding the loan, obtaining as reward small estetic gifts in the game.

The staff of server-craft, in addition, would like to create a comunity of gameservers connected each other to work together in order to give all players an even better experience , and provides to all the opportunity through our hoster to be able to buy a full-service server with a copy of our gameserver ready for use ,within a price to be determined with our hoster , for info please send an email to [email protected] .

With the hope that you can have fun and have a good time in our server we wish you


Exp: 7x
Drop: 7x
Spoil: 7x
Quest: 2x
Adena: 10x
Custom NPC
Custom Event

Individual Incentive [Only for 30 day from open]
Level 61
Set Armor [A]-Grade
Weapom [A]-Grade
Set Jewel [A]-Grade
5.000 Soulshot [A]-Grade
Adena 5.000.000

Clan Incentive [Only for 30 day/Clan with 10 or more Online Clan Member]
Individual Incentive for all Characters
Crafter Level 76 With all Recipes until Level 76
Clan Leader level 76 with all incentive in [S]-Grade
3 Armor Set [S]-Grade


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