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Description:To be the best, you must Eliminate the rest.

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Why have you have chosen to come to this advertisement thread?

Before you waste your time, it’s best for me to mention that this thread isn’t going to be of much difference when compared to the other threads within section. However, what I can do is state the features Eliminate contains.
With that said, some of the features are listed below.

A challenging shortened version of the legendary and nostalgic Fight Caves and Fight Kiln mini-game.
Flawless Barrows
Smooth and Crisp Resizable and Fullscreen options.
Perfected Hitmarks.
Quick Prayers & Curses.
The best item switches.
Great Experience rates.
Here at Eliminate we strive to cater for all parties e.g. the PvM, PvP & Skilling aspect of the game.

We have several Bosses that even pose a challenge to the best PvM killing individuals and clans. We all know of the time when a server was too easy to the point that it was possible to solo bosses that should pose a threat without the requirement of much effort. Needless to say, a game can become rather boring when things are too easy.

What can be said about our PvP aspect of the game? Let me just say this – From testing the combat for countless hours on end, I can proudly announce that the combat is by far one of the most balanced systems out there.

Elo Rating System
Here at Eliminate, the PvP, PvM and Skilling aspects of the game revolve around one another. After making sure that PvM and Skilling were on point, we felt that PvP could use some further attention. This is mainly due to the fact that other servers tend to have the same ol’ boring system.
The Elo rating system is a method for calculating the relative skill level(s) of players in player-versus- player aspects of the game. We ‘Eliminaters’ believe that pking can be classed as something that requires strategically planned decisions and skills. Your Elo will increase every time you successfully eliminate your opponent in the wilderness. As your Elo increases, you will have access to specific items that will advantage you in your endeavours in and around Eliminate. Not only that, but he Elo system will also provide an insight to the best Pkers/PvPers out there.

Not only did we spend hundreds of hours of the PvM and the PvP aspect of Eliminate, but we’ve also done ‘this’ the right way by revolving Skills around PvM and Pvm’ing. Eliminate is a game that entertains and encourages players who generally disregard skilling by providing them with Skilling points that can be used for various rewards.
Becoming a Completionist
Do you have what it takes to show off that cape!? After achieving the highest attainable total level and getting a considerable amount of quest, skilling, slayer and pk points you finally have the right to call yourself a Completionist. However if you can’t live up to the Completionist standards then you can always get yourself a Max cape by achieving all of the attainable 99’s.


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