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This server on it\'s own has a ridiculous amount of things to do. Then there is the forums which has it\'s own economy and exchange. If your more of a forum person you can earn your self items like party hats for what most people think is alot of posts, but there is only so many in stock with no restocking so better get on it quick! There is other features like custom bosses, items from 718 , HD client with sound. Over 40 Different ranks you can earn. We have our own \"tutorial island\' kind of starting. Oh, and Easter\'s Here so better get on before the even is discontinued and you lose out on the valuable rewards. There is so many features i cant even name them all.

Small list
Different levels of donators.
over 10 bosses that arent overpopulated.
Great Economy
Level 126 stat\'s (willing to change testing it atm)
All working skills including construction and dungeoneering.
Friendly Staff and a EXTREMEMLY active owner there to help you(logged 8 days game time in the first 2 weeks, and I have a job)
Chill Server will relaxed rules.
Quests and Task system.
Dicing and Gambling


Check the forums out and see the economy for yourself!
(turned on yesterday)

Come explore your self!
Hope I see you on!


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