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Site Name:Kleyto 742
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Site URL:http://www.kleyto.net
Date Signed Up:2014-03-20
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Language:English SiteEnglish
Description:This is Kleyto742, owned by Triqeh&Oscar.

We have had experience in the past making servers, and have merged to create a nice and bug-free environment for people to enjoy!

Website!: *Coming Very Soon*
Download link: https://mega.co.nz/#!4FF0kS7B!nZQo6kTPda9BESjQ47_a8iFRLow4jcTB7Adcm6SnNbM
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The community is small, yet still so strong. We hope that the images and information you see will make you want to become apart of our community.

- We have over 18+ Bosses, some unseen with new weapons and custom special attacks
- All the original minigames+A few more which are hard to find.
-Fully working lootshare!
- Flowergames&Dicing is allowed within the rules.
- Dungeoneering with a donator twist.
-4 Stages of Donator Rank:
Extreme Donator
-We also have many new shops at out newly found home that suits players alot.
-A custom donator zone which is being added to everyday
-Nice staff&Players to create a great environment for you to enjoy
-Custom Quests for Special Items
-PVP, Level Tokens and PVM Points all fully working!
-Completionist Cape Requirements with new challenges every month.
-Prestige\'s for all you dedicated players out there!
-Squeal Of Fortune with new items being added every week to keep things interesting.
-The Most important thing of all, a dedicated staff team to help players along the way, and listen to the players suggestions.


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