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Date Signed Up:2014-02-05
Language:English SiteEnglish
Description:AstralFlight is a 317 server that is suitable to any player. We offer high quality gameplay for
stakers, pkers, skilers, and pvmers. AstralFlight is hosted on a DDOS protected vps with 99.9% uptime!
We offer a friendly community where you can meet new people or play with old friends and have
a great time. We have many server events to keep you entertained and plenty of minigames
to occupy yourself with! AstralFlight has a very strong economy and our development team is
constantly working to improve the server and introduce new content that you want to see!

- Beautiful hybridding and combatsystem
- Loads of flawless minigames to keep you entertained
- Excellent donator benefits
- Many bosses to fight with exciting drops
- Unique slayer system with rewards
- A great community with a paid webhost and a working forum
- ALL 474 skills working 100%


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