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Site Name:Zeus - Dominion Tower now open
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Site URL:http://www.project-zeus.net/
Date Signed Up:2014-01-16
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Description:Get ready for the most content rich RSPS on the market
Stop wasting time playing poor quality Project-Insanity servers

If you\'re looking for a new server to call home, Zeus might just be it we are a brand new server (Since late december 2013). Our goal is to accomplish what other server\'s cannot, and that is give you a real content-rich gameplay experience rather than a cheap hacky version of Runescape that gets boring after a few hours. Zeus is a server you can join where you can enjoy real content by real developers, make friends and look forward to updates every week.
Quality Content Daily

We stand for Quality Gameplay, and we always will, our team of skilled java developers spend more than 60 hours a week designing and testing new game concepts for you to play, don\'t expect anything but effort from our development team. We are constantly bringing out new quests, bosses and minigames daily.

Overview of features:
- Solid server base, no lag crashes or bugs.
- Runescape like content
- Dominion tower (20 bosses)
- Unique never seen before ranking system
- Dungeoneering skill with party support
- 24 Fully working skills, including farming & hunter
- Bank tabs & search
- ::bank command, bank anywhere
- 28 Bosses in total
- 32 Slayer monsters to kill
- 265 Different npcs to kill
- Skilling points
- Economy, make money by skilling or pvm
- Cutscenes & Quests
- Vote for 1 hour of double xp or item reward
- Perfect combat & switching
- Tabbed shops
- Speedy cache download
- Friendly staff
- Website with a interactive drops guide
- Amazing NEX boss, with followers.


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