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Category:Lineage 2 Private Servers
Site Name:L2-Sapfira
Current Rank: 339 Yesterday: 272 Best: -
Site URL:http://l2sapfira.no-ip.org/team.php
Date Signed Up:2013-12-30
Language:English SiteEnglish
Description:#Exp: x500
- Sp: X500
- Adena: X1000
- Max Subclasses 3

#Enchant Rates:
- Safe Enchant: +4
- Max Enchant: +25
- Blessed Scroll Enchant: 70%
- Normal Enchant: 66%

#Special Npc\'s:
- Siege Informer Npc for all casles
- Wedding npc
- GM Shop, GM Shop Reward, Special GM Shop
- Npc Buffer with echanted buffs and schemes easy to use and fast
- Global Gatekeeper

- Addvanced Community Board with Top PvPPk, Raid Stats, Siege Stats, Pvp Rank Stats and more !
- Siege Reward for winning clan members
- Hero Every 1 Week
- PvP Zone with kill reward
- Allow player to add/change subclass at all village master
- Buffs stay after you die.
- solo zone ( raids),farm zone,pvp zone
- Buff Slots:Unlimited
- Buff Time: 2h
- Auto-learn Skills
- Very good Class Balance !
- No grade limit
- Pvp/pk show on title
- Pvp zone with auto-flag/clan crest/class name change/no party/ and much more.

#Rank System:
1. PvP System:
- Added other method for pvp counting. Its secured by time limiter, and basic protections like same IP, clan etc. This Time Limiter allow kill player every part of time (default 24h).
If killer kill victim and time is OK, so then I call it \"Legal Kill\", if killer kill again,
PvP count rise but not Legal Kill (Time Protection). All informations are stored in DB.
This \"Time Protection\" should reduce farming.
(More: if we set min pvp lvl on 76+ so then it will be hard to farm on bots, anyway protection
reduce farm on low rate servers. If we set max player kills on: 1, it lock Legal Kills counter after 1 kill,
it\'s mean killer can kill victim only once in game, option can be useful on servers with high online).
- System works in every place, but is possible to deactivate it in specific areas like: PEACEFUL ZONE.

2. Rank System:
- Based on PvP System, it\'s mean, killer can earn exp for kill player, then he rise his rank too if earn 100%.
- Reward for rise up the Rank can be awarded for each level of Rank Points.
(List of rewards and minimum rank points for obtain reward in database).

#GE Reward:
- vote
- pvp reward
- TvT


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