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Site Name:MMORPGL2-CORE(PvP 1000x,Mid 45x,Faction)
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Date Signed Up:2013-12-20
Banner:MMORPGL2-CORE(PvP 1000x,Mid 45x,Faction)
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Description:PvP Features
Chronicle : Interlude-C6 [Core PvP] * The new Edition
Experience: x1000
Spexperience: x1000
Party Experience: x2
Party Spexperience: x2
Adena: x5000
Consumable Cost: x1
Drop Item Karma: x40
Drop Seal Stones: x1
Drop Spoil: x1
Drop Manor: x1

Enchant Rates
Safe : 7
Max For Weapon : 25
Max For Armor : 25
Max For Jewels : 25
Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate : 75% ( Farmable by Adena )
Normal Scroll Enchant Rate : 70% ( Farmable by Adena )

Main Infos
C4/C5/Interlude features/skills working 98%
Seven Signs
Castle Sieges
Clan Hall Sieges
Noblesses & Heroes System (Nobless needs caradines letter which means that you need to kill the barakiel to get it)
Max Level 80
All Quests
Clan Wars
C5/Interlude Clan System
subclans (Academy,Royal Guards,Order of Knights) * Cursed weapons
Weapon Augmentations
Shadow Weapons
Dueling System
All C4/C5/Interlude Skills
All Raid Bosses + Grand Bosses + Frintezza
Olympiad 100% Retail like
DualBox allowed
100% Retail like gameplay without any customs
Flawless Geodata & Pathnodes
Active and experienced development/GMteam!
No corruptions!
Not used accounts will be deleted after 2 months
100% Uptime
International community
New character start with 120.000.000 adena
Max Subclasses = 3
Max Subclass level = 80
Max Alliances = 3
All active/passive augments are fully working! (Only 1 ACTIVE AND 1 PASSIVE)
All flood protections
Custom Start up zone

Olympiad system
Retail Like
Fight time : 6 minutes
New periods every 15 days
No item restriction
No limit enchant
Bot protection ( only 1 character per IP can register )
No based-class ( for feed protection )

Clan leader Clan Leader With Clan Lvl 8 Has Color Title

Gold Bar System
You can push double click on adenas and you create Gbs. You can push double click on Gbs and you create Adenas.

Anti - Feed System
AntiFeed Pvp (This option will enable antifeed for pvp/pk/clanrep points)
AntiFeed Dualbox (kills from dualbox will not increase pvp/pk points)
AntiFeed Disconnected As Dualbox (unable to determine ip address)
AntiFeed Interval (If character died faster than timeout pvp/pk points for killer will not increase)

Killing Spree System
Sends messages to players with more than 4 kills in a row. Announcements at: 25/50/75/100 kills in a row.

Away System
Allows Players to change status .away .back

Offline Traders
Logging out while in private store your character remains online selling , after 3 days kicked from the server.

Hero Item
You can make your char hero until restart! You can get this item only from vote coins or custom boss.

Rec Item
You can get 255 recs from this item and you can get it from vote coins.

Teleport Item
Teleports you to towns even if they are under siege. And you can get it from vote coins.

Hero Skills System
You can have your hero skills on subclass.

Daily Pvp Mod
Every day at 00:00 GMT+2 the daily pvp ends If you are first on the top list of daily pvp you will receive random rewards like hero items or ls or bog etc.

Top PvP/PK Player
Castle Lord
Sieges start

Shout Chat With 25 Pvp
Trade Chat with 25 Pvp

Custom Dueling System
Using .duel command you challenge a player to a duel of death! The winner chooses one item from loser\'s inventory No matter if he logs out the winner can still pick an item!!!

Anti-Buff Skill
Blocks any kind of anti-buff skill.

Teleport Protection
Flagged players can\'t teleport creating more pvp action.

Vote Reward System (Unique)
You can obtain vote coins and one vote buff from vote npc go check ingame.

Global Gatekeeper
Misc Shop
Full Buffer/Scheme Buffer
Wedding Manager
Server Info
Donation Manager
Siege informer
Event Manager
Clan Hall Manager
Clan Manager
Olympiad Manager
Class Manager
Skill Enchanter
Vote Reward NPC
Top Stats Manager
Sub Class


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