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Description:Earn RSGP! | Flawless Combat | Active Clans | Custom Bosses | Duel Arena | Black Market | Large Community | Professional Staff Team


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Our Promise
We at Chaos Realm promise you a fun & intriguing pre-EOC RuneScape experience. Our development team has spent countless hours perfecting the content that we deliver. We promise a safe and secure playing environment protected by our professionally led staff team. Come and check us out today to start your adventure!

Our Development Creed
Chaos Realm will provide you with a community driven development sense. Our development team creates weekly polls asking what YOU would like to see introduced into the game. The development team frequently reviews player submitted suggestions and flawlessly introduces the content in game. Let your ideas become a reality at Chaos Realm!

Our Black Market
Chaos Realm is the only RSPS to allow players to trade Chaos Realm currency for RP, RSGP & many other forms of outside currency. Our trusted & professional staff team will middleman any trade, making sure nothing goes astray. Have extra RSGP sitting around you want to spend? Want to get the champions you\'ve always wanted? Let Chaos Realm help you achieve that!

Bloodlust Tournament
Chaos Realm offers a rich clan experience with our custom Bloodlust Tournament! A month long battle to decide who the best group of PKers are, with a $500 cash prize purse! Do you have what it takes? Bring your clan and see!

PvM & Skilling
We also offer tons of bosses including Godwars, Avatars, KBD, Ganodermic Beast & a custom Skeletal Trio boss! Chaos Realm offers skillers various rewards as well with our custom achievement system and a completionist cape!

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