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Site Name:Epicurus
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Site URL:http://www.epicurus-ps.com
Date Signed Up:2013-10-13
Language:English SiteEnglish
Description:Join us here; www.epicurus-ps.com

Download client: www.epicurus-ps.com/EpicurusLoader.zip

Webclient: www.epicurus-ps.com/webclient.html

The time has come where Epicurus must rise from its grave and provide you, our beloved player base, an all round enjoyable and efficient server and community. With a dedicated staff team here to provide constant help and updates, you can rest assured that you will not regret joining us! Our server is simple; it focuses on all the great aspects of RuneScape without the tedious tasks that the real game makes you do.

Current Features:

Grand Exchange
Party Room for Drop Parties
Flawless Lottery
Flawless Dicing
Flawless Duel Arena & Staking
Flawless Shopping System
Flawless Banking & Searching
Perfect Farming System
PK Leader-boards
Rank Icon Changing System
Flawless Loyalty Titles
Flawless Donator System (To be implemented)
Perfect Curse System
Flawless Hybridding
Weapon Combination Staking
Boss Fights with Perfect Drops
Combat Stat Resets
Perfect Slayer System
Random PvP Rewards
Working Clue Scrolls & Rewards
Working Minigames & Rewards
Perfect Combat System & PvP weapons
Boss instances
Account guardian
Flawless combat
Custom loadouts
Custom client orbs
Client copy + pasting
Client clickable links
Custom teleporting in-game
Item imbuing
Item lending
10+ Strategic Bosses
7+ minigames!

and much more!


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