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Date Signed Up:2013-09-14
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Description:Do you remember those days where it took skill and NOT donations to achieve what you wanted? Look no further, because we have it right here with our Fair-Blizzard-Like Burning Crusade Realm.

We host this server because we enjoy playing World of Warcraft.
We are fed up of the new World of Warcraft Expansions.
We are fed up of the Custom and Donation servers who claim to be Blizz-like.
ALL we want, is to bring back the great experience of playing The Burning Crusade where you don\'t feel cheated.

We guarantee our server will be online for many years.

Some Features:
-Smart AI and true path-finding.
-60% mounts at level 20 and flying at level 60.
-Alliance and Horde may group together for faster instancing.
-Truly working hand-crafted Instances and Raids, not just scripted bosses, but everything from locations to patrolling NPCs.
-All Mining veins and Herbalism plants are completely reworked making them easier to find and level with.
-Working Escort Quests.

Exp: x3
Honor: x3
Currency: x2
Reputation: x2
Items: x1


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