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Description:When threats against America reach an all time high leaving all branches of the military over-tasked, the United States government is forced to recruit a clan of hillbillies to conduct a series of black ops assignments. But these aren't your everyday, garden variety rednecks, they have experience in war.

Whether it's an argument over the neighbor's trailer being parked too close to theirs or a custody dispute after the hog from down the road breaks into the barn and knocks up their prize-winning swine, these are some battle hardened hillbillies. With their huge cache of hillbilly grade weaponry and unparalleled wits they are more than prepared to carry out their duty to protect their country.

Surprised at the enormous success of Operation Moonshine, the government begins recruiting other clans to join the fight. Had they attended more hillbilly family reunions or spent any time in a trailer park they would have known better. When you put too many hillbillies together like that tempers will flare. Some clans abandon their missions and declare war on others. In all the chaos it's hard to know the real enemy from those who are supposed to be helping you.

You have a choice. Do you continue battling rival clans to protect your family's honor? Or do you put all that petty squabbling aside, load up the shotguns, pack up the pickup, and take this fight to the enemy? The safety of your fellow Americans is in your hands. Good luck, soldier.


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