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Description:Pk Evolution - Webclient | 25 Skills | 100% Uptime | World Selection | Friendly Staff | Great Website | Very Stable Server | Donation Island | Donation Shop | Vote Shop | Fun Pk | 50+ Bosses | 3000+ Npc\'s | Active Community

First of all, welcome to our advertisement topic! We hope this topic will be good enough for you to come and test our amazing server itself.
Pk Evolution is a RuneScape Private Server, which brings you back to old school roots. This server is easy to play and it\'s very fun, compared with other servers out there. But it has a lot of difficult challenges including 25 skills and over 3000 monsters to keep players attracted by every single second. Since server name is Pk Evolution, it also has awesome pking with all curses and prayers working very stable and can hold up to 2000 players on a world

- Great Economy. You can earn money by doing every single skill.
- Every single skill is trainable. Total of twenty-four to choose from.
- Over 50 shops and more coming all the time.
- Great combat system with working weapon effects and prayer effects.
- Easy usable teleporting system with over 60 teleport locations including all monsters pvp and minigames.
- Vote4Cash to help attract more players to Pk Evolution we will give you some awesome rewards for voting.
- More then twenty custom Treasure Trail tasks. Start them by killing monsters and finding your own clue scrolls.
- Well coded chatting system. Ability to turn your chat offline or \'friends only\' and guests will see you offline. Very useful for known people, who doesn\'t want to be disturbed.
- Very creative home area. A lot of features can be found right there including a custom lottery and highscores and some fun mini games.
- Online browser client, for people that don\'t want to download a browser client.
- Deskop clients also are available, for people that doesn\'t want to play from browsers.
- HighScores to battle for best ranks automatically updated.
- Monthly community events and wars between player made clans.
- All dupes fixed to ensure steady growth of the economy.
- Great and respectful administrators, without the ability to spawn or cheat, to ensure game play is fair for everyone.
- Friendly, nice community and amazing moderators administrators and support staff.



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