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If you are looking for a fun, addictive and professional RuneScape Private Server with a huge player base, look no further.

Rune-Age is the first truly unique server around. Your game-play experience will be unlike any other we guarantee!

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We are a very unique server with friendly staff, community and regular updates, there is not a single other server that the same game play as us. We are a newly growing private server.

Our main focus will be the players. The community will decide what is best for Rune-Age. They will suggest what updates to be added. What changes to be done. If you want to join a community that you can be truly immersed into then Rune-Age is calling your name. Rune-Age doesn\'t need you, but Rune-Age wants you.

So come and join. and enjoy an immerse world of entertainment.

Two key features that we have are.

Activity system - to shortly explain this. doing anything skilling related is highly rewarding. The shop has not yet be created. We are waiting on suggestions for you the community on what to add to it. Why add useless items that people don\'t want. Instead we waiting to get suggestions from you all. so you can freely enjoy what you have earned.

NPC Point System - This keeps tracks of how many kills you have on each npc there is, as well as rewarding points for defeating many different npcs. like the activity system. the shop has not yet been created. We also need suggestions on what type of perks you all would enjoy as a reward to this system.

Excellent staff team and community
Economy is flawless, no dupes found to date!
Enjoy training over 20+ Skills
Plenty of minigames to play, plus a few custom minigames added in as well!
Perfect Duel Arena
Unique never before seen content!
Updates are done regulary
Active Wilderness!
Farming Update
Its FREE to play!
Vote for Rewards
Competitive HighScores
High performance servers
100% uptime
Bonus XP Weekend
Our client is supported on: Windows, Linux and MAC.
Home page:

We look forward to welcoming you to our community!


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