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Site Name:Obscurescape (staff wanted)
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Site URL:http://www.obscurescape.co.uk/
Date Signed Up:2013-04-04
Banner:Obscurescape (staff wanted)
Language:English SiteEnglish
Description:I welcome you to Obscurescape
Head Admin-none
website: www.obscurescape.co.uk
downloadable client: http://dl.dropbox.com/1/view/x3pecsj4t0jnju7/Apps/Wix%20website/Dropbox%20folder%20App/client.jar
Without any further a due we welcome you to Obscurescape

Working shops
Working Npcs
Dclaw Spec
Items such as Torva, dfs, d claws, party hats, santa hats, crystal keys, and dice all added Plus more
Great Community with great staff
Minigames-Fully working castle wars, barbarian assault, dominion tower, Barbarian assault, Duel arena, Barrows, Pest control, Nomad and Angry goblin, Tzhaar, recipe for disaster, and warriors guild. much more to come
Skilling teleports All working skills except Dung coming soon
Pking- Funpk, graveyard, edgeville, Varrock for multipk, and Green dragons.
City teleports- Lumbridge, Varrock, edgeville, falador, and Canafis.
Nex, Gwd, Forgotten Warrior, Kalphite Queen, KBD, Dag kings, Corp beast, Barrels chest, Mad mummy, and Tormented Demons.
Monsters- Rock crabs, strykewyrms, Brimhaven dungeon, Hill giants, Slayer Tower, and Taverly dungeon.
Working Squeal of Fortune.
All working Emotes this is 317 so all emotes that were added in late rs are not added here, yet
All skillcape emotes work
Working money pouch
Fully working summoning.
Curses fully working in Prayer
Ancients works great, ice barrage, blood barrage Etc.
tzhaar caves, fight Jad for firecape
Donator Zone and Staff zone


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