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Date Signed Up:2013-04-01
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Description:NymphRO is a well-balanced low rate Renewal Ragnarok Online Server.
We like to further break the mold by holding to very specific standards:
[*]No gameplay altering/unbalancing @commands.
(IE: No autoloot).
[*]No custom job changers/stat reset or skill reset NPCs.
[*]No warper NPCs.
[*]Customizations are only implemented if it is proven that they (1) fix an existing game flaw or defect, or (2) enhance an existing game element without affecting the game balance.
[*]Player opinions are valued, all players have the opportunity to discuss changes on our Forum. No change is ever implemented without player input.
With our x1 rates, every level and every drop will be a real, hard-earned reward.
About Customizations:
Sometimes, it becomes necessary to change a game element or feature due to a flaw in the existing system or accounting for an improvement that could be made.
Changes are never arbitrarily made, we discuss all potential changes with players on our forum, and base all changes off of the desires of the majority of our player base.
A good example of this is the removal of the \"Renewal Drop Rate\" modifier.
Many players felt this was an unnecessary game element, with rates already being low and wished for it to be disabled, and so it has.
We\'ve also recently (07-23-2013) disabled the \"Official Walkpath\" behavior, due to issues with the walkpath behavior causing players to stop moving in certain circumstances (IE: Glast Heim and similar locations) that result in player death.
All enhancements and changes are well thought out, discussed thoroughly, and tested for any possibility of unbalance, exploitation, or potential issue.
Finally, we may occasionally add a temporary event or (strictly cosmetic) item during holidays or to aknowledge a special event or milestone for the server.
Any custom elements added will be available to all players equally, and will not affect the balance of the game.
We have to occasionally add (items/events/quests/npcs) to the game, even if only temporarily. These elements enhance gameplay and are designed to balance with the existing system, we feel that this is the embodiment of a successful Ragnarok Online environment, because these same changes are frequently made in the live, official servers to enhance player experiences.
About Donations:
Donations are used to pay for our servers (web, game, and voice), and help us fund custom development projects and advertisements.
[*]Donors receive donation credits that can be redeemed in our donor item shop.
[*]Vote points can be traded for donor points, and used to purchase these same items.
[*]Nearly every item in the donor shop is available to non-donating players through temporary quests, temporary events, or vote point transfers. Donating should always be about wanting to help the server, and not about getting a reward/compensation.
[*]Donor items are selected by players on a rotating basis, twice monthly.
[*]These items must already exist within Ragnarok Online, as we do not add custom items.
[*]Donor items rarely ever have statistics. If they do, the item is made available through special means to all players, and must be an item equippable by all classes.
[*]Donor shop items do not give players an unfair advantage over other players.
Visit our site at: http://NymphRO.com/
Visit our Forum at: http://NymphRO.com/forum/
Visit our Wiki at: http://wiki.NymphRO.com/
Download at: http://nymphro.com/?module=pages&action=view&id=5
Register at: http://nymphro.com/?module=account&action=create


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