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Site Name:SpookyRO
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Site URL:http://spookyro.x10.mx/
Date Signed Up:2013-03-31
Language:English SiteEnglish
Description:We were created since June 17th of 2009, we are a one of a kind server! We offer a fresh organized server with unique NPCs, over 200 custom items, and many quests! Items are all obtainable through fair donations, everyday voting, and working hard in game! We also have endless fun with 5 arena maps, daily automated events, War of Emperium, 2 gold rooms, a advance room, and more! NPCs are professionally made one by one and all are unique! Quests are amazingly spread across the server and gives you a never before seen item. Events are hosted with joy and grand happiness. Staff Members are professional and are fill with intense smiles! What are you waiting for? Join the fun today!


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