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RuneStorm runs two worlds on login. They are actual worlds, and not just worlds you use commands to get to. The first world is an economic world where skillers and hardcore players get together, and the second world is a player killing world, where items come easy, but respect and fame comes hard.

*Grand Exchange
* 2 Worlds (Eco) And (Pk) Both ONLINE
*Flawless party room
*Multiple world support
*Cross-world player list support
*Cross-world clan chat (only in the World clan chat, currently)
*Flawless duel arena, with staking
*Flawless shopping system
*Flawless banking system, with searching.
*Flawless farming system
*PK leaderboards with kill/death ratios, etc
*Rank Icon changing system
*Flawless loyalty title system
*Flawless donator system
*Refined item definition system
*New skill interface, with perfect EXP to next level, etc.
*Event schedule system
*New character file system (credits to Lin for the format)
*Ingame item spawner GUI (was used for the Spawn version of Epicurus originally)
*Perfect curse system
*Weapon combination selection in duel arena


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