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Site Name:Exempia - 718 - Grand Exchange - No Lag - Good Eco
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Date Signed Up:2013-03-10
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Description:Hello, welcome to Exempia!

Exempia consists of two servers that are both high ranked.
We currently have Exempia Eco and Exempia PK.

About Exempia Eco:

Exempia Eco is a 667/718 Server that has been up for about a year, although we were never so popular as we are this year. Exempia Eco usually has around 30-60 Players online at one time.

Features of Exempia Eco

Clan Wars
Grand Exchange
Tormented Demons
Duel Arena
Gnome Agility Course
Dominion Tower
Multi (PvP)
Wests (PvP)
Easts (PvP)
Fight Pits
Corporeal Beast
Queen Black Dragon
King Black Dragon

About Exempia PK

Exempia is a full PK Spawn server, which consists of flawless pking and a big community of PKers. If you added up both player counters, we would be a server with over 100 Players online at one time.

Exempia does have a lot more features, and is much better than it sounds. I will be updating the pictures later today as they are old, and give no information whatsoever about the server.

If you are still not satisfied, contact us with your suggestions.

Browse our website: http://www.exempia.com/


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